About This Site

I’m really into beards. But you may have guessed that if you’ve explored this developing and expanding site. I like to have one most of the time, see pictures of them and write about them.

There was a time when I was embarrassed to talk about facial hair, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. A good beard — stubble, well-groomed or wild — is a sign of manhood, a fashion accessory and for some, a bit of a fetish thing. For me? All three, I guess.

My name is Eric Parker, and writing for the Internet is both my job and my hobby. So it only makes sense that I’d create a website with advice and comments about being bearded.

Even better than that, however, I’ve created two sites on the topic. Here at Better Beard, Better Life, I provide advice and commentary that promotes the bearded lifestyle. On my other beard site, Best Beard Ever, I offer product reviews about things that can help you have a better beard. From conditioners to stubble trimmers and mustache wax, I cover (or eventually will cover) just about every kind of product related to facial hair.

I also write and maintain a few other websites that relate to my other interests. Among them are:

  • Clear Your Eyes, a site about computer vision syndrome, low power reading glasses and other things related to spending hours at the computer screen
  • Minimalist Living Today, a site about having a better life when you live simply and frugally
  • Conspiracy Of Good and Advice Without Hype, two sites that offer products reviews and advice on topics of all sorts — whatever happens to be on my mind that I think could be useful to someone

I want to be clear: I think beards are great, and you should have one. Experiment. Try a short one, then a longer one. Try a curly ’stache and a big goatee. Do whatever you want. No one should try to discourage you from fully exploring whatever you want to do — and grow.

Want to contact me to say “right on!” or comment about something you see on this or another of my sites? Email me.

If you say something nice, I’ll respond. If you don’t, I might cry, get mad or go to bed early. And I might not.

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