Should You Trim Stray Beard Hairs? 6 Tips For Dealing With Them

Don’t abandon the beard of your dreams because of stray hairs. There are strategies that work for cleaning up stray beard hairs that stick out in every direction, ruining the perfectly-sculpted look you want. For every facial hair problem, there’s a solution — and you can be sure that stray hairs don’t have to derail the great beard you’re destined to have.

Fortunately, these six tips can help you control those out-of-control beard hairs that won’t behave as they should. Try one or more of them and see if your facial hair doesn’t look better than ever before. And remember, the trick is persistence. You may not solve the problem on your first attempt.

Here are your six tips for controlling stay beard hairs:

1. Let them grow longer. Lots of guys over-trim their beards, cutting them so short that some hairs — especially on the chin and in the mustache area — are certain to stick out. Instead of trimming and retrimming the hairs that won’t behave, try letting them grow longer so they will lay down better. Even a few centimeters makes a huge difference.

2. Use a better trimmer in the first place. One of the tricks to great beard grooming is using the right trimmer. When you look at the gaps between the comb teeth on some trimmer guards, it’s easy to see how the hairs don’t all end up the same length — and how some hairs get missed altogether. When you use a powerful, highly recommended tool for grooming your facial hair, you get better results.

3. Trim at night so you can retrim in the morning. After you wash or sleep on your hair or beard, some hairs change direction. Trim at night, then retrim the next morning on the same trimmer setting to make sure you’re catching those hairs that were laying down the night before. This can dramatically improve the look of your beard.

4. Avoid trimming when your hair is wet, sweaty or dirty. While salon stylists often trim your head hair wet, this doesn’t work very well for your beard, especially if you use a trimmer. Wet or dirty hair gets compressed, and when you trim it, you’ll end up cutting it too short. Instead, trim clean hair. It’s a hassle, I know, because then you’ll need a shower to get the hairs off you, but it works better.

5. Use conditioner. From the time your beard starts getting long enough to see, use conditioning products frequently. This can include regular hair conditioner, leave-in hair treatments and special beard conditioner. Remember, though, to condition all along. Don’t just wait until you see stray hairs. Stray hairs may be ones that are damaged from being undernourished and getting dried out.

6. Tolerate some imperfection. We’re all different, and those of us whose beards aren’t very dense in places have more stray hairs than guys with dense hair that covers their face evenly. Accept the imperfections. There’s no reason you have to look like everyone else, so do the best you can with what you have.

And here’s a final, very important piece of advice: Don’t let minor imperfections or problems like stray beard hairs ruin your bearded dreams. If you want a beard, go for it. It may not be quite perfect some days, but it’s so much better than shaving.

With a beard, you’ll look better, feel better and waste less time grooming than the guys who shave every day.

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